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About Us

SHOUT is a student-led organization that believes every action we take leaves an imprint. Our dedication to the ideas of Handprints Healing Footprints aims to leave an echo of positive change. Together, we envision schools where Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are not just words but are reality. 



At SHOUT, we champion an education system where very student is included and has a sense of belonging. Our mission is to cultivate school spaces that are culturally-rich, inclusive, and equitable for all students, faculty, and staff. 


Our Story

At South Fayette High School, two seniors, Yamini Yepuri and Berfin Bircan discovered a shared mission: To champion Equity, Inclusion and Belonging within their district. Seeking mentorship, they connected with Dr. Chuck Herring, the district's Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging who was looking for student leaders to create Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging club, and together, they birthed a legacy. 

Their meeting in September 2019 was just the beginning. With Dr. Herring and a dedicated group of seven students leading the charge, the group evolved, eventually adopting the powerful moniker, SHOUT (formerly known as SDLC: Student Diversity Leadership Committee).

SHOUT's accolades are impressive. From publishing their book, RAISE YOUR VOICE: The Stories of SHOUT, to organizing enriching events, they've made their mark. Their work resonated far and wide, catching the eyes of renowned figures Dr. Andre Perry and Emmai Alaquiva, and earning them awards like the Special Recognition from the United States Senate & the United Nations.  

Yet, for SHOUT, the journey has just begun. They aspire to be a beacon for schools and organizations worldwide, lighting the path to inclusion and leadership.


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