SHOUT, formerly known as SDLC (Student Diversity Leadership Committee), was formed by 2 High School Students, Yamini Yepuri & Berfin Bircan. Both had a common idea: to expand Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within our district. They connected with the school's staff in hopes of starting up a club dedicated to this matter. They connected with Dr. Chuck Herring, the DEI Director for our district. They combined and brainstormed ideas to form this club. Throughout this period, they started recruiting the original members. Our first meeting, which was in September of 2019 had 16 total members. Out of the 16 invited students, only 8 were our key members that helped develop this club. As time progressed, we started expanding the organization to humongous heights. We have changed out name from SDLC to SHOUT, we have written a book on how to make your own organization in your school/district, we have held numerous events with student/faculty engagement, and much more. We have reached the attention of unexpected people, from PA Senator Iovino to Sen. Pat Toomey. We have also received a Congressional Congratulatory Certificate from our state! But, this is only the beginning. We hope to further our club/movement to schools and organizations country wide.

Top from L-R: Jo Clark, Anyce Rivera, Aadi Balsaraf

Bottom from L-R: Zachary Betz, Anya Gupta, Yamini Yepuri, Berfin Bircan, Dr. Chuck Herring