Our organization is an ever-growing family and we would like you to be a part of it! Here is all of the information necessary to start your own SHOUT Chapter!

Step 1: READ THIS!

To start your own SHOUT Chapter, it is crucial for you to make sure to complete all the information to the fullest capability. If you have any questions along the way, contact for any clarification necessary. 

Step 2: Connect Administration with the Students Interested in Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) throughout the District and the Community!


Passionate students must connect with faculty or administration to organize and strategize the establishment of their respective SHOUT Chapter. 

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Step 4: Gauge Demographics, Additional Student Leaders/Members, and Identify Chapter(s) Goals. 

- Identify Demographics: SHOUT advocates for the additional emphasis placed on all facets of DEI; it is important that your student leaders/members represent this. Students should be passionate, diverse, and committed to the chapter(s). 

- Identify Chapter(s) Goals: Based on the observations of students, faculty, community members, and administration, the group should be responsible for identifying the most prominent issues that the SHOUT Chapter(s) can begin to correct.

Step 3: Establish and Solidify the Following Guidelines!


- Handprints Heal Footprints: Handprints and Footprints are the positive and negative actions that exist in our world. We at SHOUT believe that the negative impacts of footprints can be alleviated by the positive actions known as handprints.


- Oops and Ouch moments: Encourage each other to reflect on mistakes by saying “oops” when you offend or hurt someone in any way. Additionally, do not be afraid to say “ouch” in moments when someone upsets you. Being vocal about your feelings is not only necessary for your well-being, but that for the entire group. 

Step 5: Identify the Collective Vision for the SHOUT Chapter(s) and Pursue Administrative Approval.


- Based on the demographic and issue-based information gathered, construct a vision for your chapter(s).

- In most schools, “proper channels” include an official club application and approval from the respective School Board. These prerequisites must be met before the chapter(s) can be officially recognized.

Step 6: Step 6: Organize SHOUT Chapter(s) Subcommittees, Appoint/Elect Chairs, and Begin to Divide and Conquer

(Please see SHOUT Constitution in Step 3)

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Step 7: Promote the Chapter(s) and Network with Local Schools and Organizations. 


- Recruit: As the chapter(s) grows, so will its productivity and opportunities. Utilize social media, word of mouth, and professional connections to establish partnerships. One powerful partnership SHOUT has is with the Green Building Alliance. 

- Network: There are schools across the region that are working to establish SHOUT chapter(s) or have already completed the process. Public Relations can connect with the student leaders of these schools. 


- Connecting with established SHOUT chapter(s) will also provide the new chapter(s) with a network of resources, ideas, and contacts to continue the mission.

Step 8: Maintain Contact with the SHOUT Alpha Chapter: South Fayette.

Public Relations Subcommittee:

- Director: Mitch Howard (

Records Subcommittee:

- Historian: Aadi Balsaraf (

Social Media Subcommittee:

- Director: Mia Gupta (

Media Subcommittee:

- Director: Jordy Guerrero (

Event Coordination:

- Director: Alexander Haney (


- Mehreen Awan (

- Zach Betz (


- Dr. Chuck Herring (

- Cynthia Nix (