Original Members

These eight members are the foundation of the organization, allowing this group to grow exponentially. Click on their picture to email them!


Yamini Yepuri is the Co-Founder and former Co-Chair of SHOUT! She currently attends the University of Pittsburgh where she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women studies. SHOUT is the project that ignited her interest in fostering social equity, which is something she continues to pursue today as well.


My name is Dr. Chuck Herring.  I am the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the South Fayette Township School District.  I helped create SHOUT because I saw the need for an organization that supported students who didn't feel a sense of belonging in the district. My remedy was to use the #handprintsHEALfootprints framework as a bridge to allow the students to see that that small supportive actions could combine with others to create large changes in society.  Because of the diligence and hard work of the students, we are well on our journey to make schools culturally-responsive, safe spaces for all students, faculty, and staff. I am extremely proud of the work the students have accomplished thus far and even more excited for the accomplishments yet to come.



Berfin Bircan, or Snow, as we prefer to call her (Berfin means Snow in Turkish) is the co-founder and former co-chair of SHOUT. She currently attends the University of Pittsburgh, specifically the Swanson School of Engineering. As a Turkish-American Muslim, Snow’s diverse identity and unique experiences motivated her to make a difference in her community, and her efforts culminated into the organization that is now SHOUT.

My name is Zachary Betz and I am a Junior at South Fayette High School. I decided to join the SHOUT family because I know, through the way that people treated me, because of my form of autism, the pain that discrimination and bullying bring to people. The fact that so many people are judged, in a hurtful way, because of their culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc. really hurts me; I want to help those people who felt discriminated against. I also wanted to show that it does not matter if you are born with a “disability” or any other “minority trait.” Everyone, no matter what they are born with, or who they are, as a person, can still be successful and happy in their day-to-day lives. 


Hi! My name is Aadi Balsaraf and I am one of the original members of SHOUT! I joined SHOUT to change our school to be a safe space for all, whether you are different because of your gender, pronouns, identity differently, and race. I knew that this organization can grow exponentially and I witnessed it before meeyes. Because of my love of keeping everyone organized, I was appointed as the first Historian/Director of Records. Here, I keep everyone up-to-date, make agendas, take notes, and help people out when needed! :)

My name is Anyce Tanae Rivera I am a 14-year-old girl that goes to South Fayette High School. My hobbies include playing with my brothers and my puppies, baking, listening to music, and watching TV. I joined SHOUT because I have had first-hand experiences with racism and I wanted to make a difference for our district. I wanted to be a part of something that would change the world for the better and when I got my letter for former SDLC and now SHOUT I realized I could be a change and I now know that there’s a chance of the world being a better place. 


Anastasija Gupta is a 14-year-old freshman living in Pittsburgh, PA, with her parents and two siblings. In her free time, she writes, draws, and does basically anything that doesn’t involve algebra. She hopes to be either a lawyer or a teacher when she’s old enough. The reason she has for joining SHOUT was because of the amount of hate she saw around her. Her dad tells her “You can, and you will,” every morning. She could make a change, so she did.

Meet the Chairs

My name is Mehreen Awan. I am a senior at South Fayette High School and I am one of the SHOUT co chairs. I joined SHOUT because SHOUT offered me an opportunity to inspire not just my classmates but everyone from marginalized groups to embrace their tradition and culture. I am going to use this platform to help bring a change in getting rid of misunderstandings that people might have about a certain culture, religion, or background. My main goal is to help everyone have respect for others no matter who they are or where they come from.​​

Hello, My name is Jordy, I’ve been involved with Videography and Photography for 4 years. I plan on majoring Film in College. I am the Director of Media for SHOUT. I joined SHOUT because I believed that it is important to help those that are oppressed and in need. As a African-Dominican man my self and believe it it important to be an ally for those who need it most.


Hey! Hello! My name is Mia, and I’m the chair of the Social Media Subcommittee! I’m so excited to be a part of the SHOUT family this year and hopefully in future years! I’m a junior at South Fayette High School and a part of Student Government, Marching Band, and of course SHOUT. I plan on going into Graphic Design as my major in college. I try to be as organized as I possibly can and am so excited to be a part of the SHOUT social media committee! I can’t wait to work more closely with my new family, and hopefully you!

Mitch Howard is a seasoned leader and advocate. He is a member of the PASC Executive board, NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee, and has been Class President at South Fayette for the past 3 years and looks to complete his fourth this year. Mitch serves as Public Relations Director, where he has spoken to student leaders, administrators, and faculty from over 2 dozen different schools. Mitch also has arranged meetings with the offices of Senators Toomey and Casey, as well as Representative Conor Lamb. Due to his magnificent efforts, SHOUT has been awarded a Congressional Congratulatory Certificate.


I am 17 year old, Alexander Haney, a senior at South Fayette High School. I have been in SHOUT for a little over a month now and am very proud to hold the spot as chair of the Event Coordination Committee. I became apart of SHOUT to help get involved more in the community and make a real change before I am off to college. I am also on the senior class council and play defense for the lacrosse team. I am an aspiring politician and wish to attend school at Penn State law school in the future.